Social Media and Blogs

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube offer different ways for your business to connect with your customers. Take full advantage of these social media outlets by giving your profiles a look that fits with your branding, impressing your customers and making them feel comfortable with connecting with you.

Though your approach may differ on each social media profile, it is important that your profiles are customized to fit your style, so that people feel that they are dealing with your company.

Baloogi Studio can help create a consistent online presence for your company or organisation.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Facebook custom landing pages
  • Twitter branded backgrounds
  • Youtube branded backgrounds


Running a company blog is a fantastic way to add regular, fresh content to your website (which can do wonders for your search engine rankings) and maintain a natural connection with your customers.

Baloogi Studio can set up your blog, with styling to match your website and brand, and even maintain your blog by creating and publishing regular, relevant blog articles. We can configure your blog to allow RSS and/or email subscription, or to ‘auto-push’ to your social media profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.