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How do I find my Facebook post-by-email address?

Where is it?

Your post-by-email address is an email address you can use to upload photos or videos to your account from your mobile phone.

To find your post-by-email address:
1.)Click the arrow at the top right of any Facebook page
2.)Click Account Settings

3.)Click the mobile link in the left menu.

The customized address looks something like “ The ‘m.’ stands for mobile so you’ll be able to email from your smart phone instead of your normal desktop email


4.)Your post-by-email address is listed towards the bottom of your mobile information
Please keep in mind you have to enable mobile texts to use this feature.

If you don’t see the “Post-by-E-mail Address heading it’s because you haven’t added a mobile number to your Facebook account yet.

What would you need it for?

To add a caption to your photo or video, include a subject in the email. If you don’t include any photos or videos, the email subject will be your updated status. If you’re uploading more than one photo or video in the email, the captions will be the same for all of them. You can always edit the captions later by logging into your Facebook account.

Photos and videos uploaded by email are public by default, but you can always change the privacy setting of any photo album.


Keep your “post-by-e-mail” address for Facebook to yourself. If anyone had your custom Facebook photo address they could post random photos to your Facebook timeline.

So if lose your phone, or if you think that your custom e-mail address has been given out to someone it shouldn’t of  you can always reset it by going to the Mobile Settings page and click the “Edit” link in the “Post-by-E-mail” section. This will give you the option to reset your address.

If you ever change your Facebook password, you’ll have to go to this page again as the address changes every time you update your password.

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